This website features books for children in the 5- to 10-year-old range. Books to read aloud, to listen to as someone else reads, or to read on one’s own. Books about a task, a hope, or a journey.

That task might be seeking a home, saying goodbye, or learning a skill. Or it might be escaping from singing kangaroos.

Whatever it might be, the characters in the story are usually brittle in some way. They might be struggling with some feeling.  Or they might be a toy that can easily break.

They’re often quite “widdle”–that is, quite small–like characters in A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh stories (there is even someone named Small in one of the stories).

They’re also often brave…whether it’s climbing a mountain, waiting out a storm, or helping a friend.

To get to the posts that are just for kids, please click on the For Kids link on the right (it’s a bit small, but you should see it in one of the lists).

Other sections lead to posts written for other kinds of people who enjoy reflecting on what makes a good children’s book, such as parents, aspiring writers, people who spend time around kids, or anyone who admires the role books can play in childhood.

When I’m at the library, I usually look at older and newer books. Some of them may be hard to find at the library or other places. I’ll try to say in the post whether that might be.

Lastly, to find out a little bit about the author of this site and to see contact info, please click on the the “About” link up on the top.

Have a happy time at the library or wherever you go for books!


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